Water Tank WaterproofingWhat is water tank waterproofing service?

Water tanks are an important part of any construction as it is used to house water used for drinking or other purposes. Service to water tanks gives the tanks added strength and prevent it from failure thus keeping water free from any contamination.

 What are the reasons for leakage in a water tanks?

Water tanks are the most easy target areas for water leakage due to high quantities of water in concrete tanks. Concrete mixture of cement and other construction materials decay with time causing water to leak into the structure. Honeycomb in concrete and construction joints are the most common causes for failure in concrete water tanks, and cement  water tanks which results in water leakage.

 What are the effects of water tanks water leakage

Leakage persisting in underground water tanks affects the foundations of a building making it weak structurally. A structurally weak building is an easy target of building collapse. Floor tiles can squeeze in due to water stagnation.

In overhead water tanks, leakage in the tanks let water to sneak in the roof  leading to  structural failure of roofs. Full chances are there for water leaking from overhead water tanks coming in to the room through RCC structure an d coming in contact with electrical fittings leading to short circuit.

BH waterproofing solutions are the best  In water tank waterproofing.Water Tank Waterproofing

BH waterproofing company provide best water tank waterproofing methods.

Repairing an existing water tank can be a tedious job, but we are better equipped in handling such projects as we use best quality materials and chemicals. Water tanks waterproofing gives care to your water tanks and concrete. Waterproofing chemicals used by BH is food grade certified compatible with drinking water.

We have many years of experience in such waterproofing works as we have completed projects of various dimensions of water tanks