Crystalline waterproofing Admixture

Crystalline waterproofing Admixture is a chemical compound mixed with concrete mixture that gives strength to structure to making structure water proofed. This chemical compound gives strength and stability to concrete mixture increasing its physical properties. Concrete mixture when laid upon after drying gives solid structure free from any deformities.

Waterproofing admixture removes any porosity in the mixture and clears off trapped air.

Concrete mixture when prepared can leave entrained air in the mixture. When waterproofing admixture chemical is mixed in prepared concrete mixture, It removes any entrained air due to its air dissolving properties thereby enhancing the strength of the concrete mixture.

This mixture when laid, upon drying does not allow water vapors to get trapped, thereby reducing the possibility of water leakage.

Physical properties

  • Low cost waterproofing method.
  • Easiest way of waterproofing
  • Enhances the strength of structure.
  • Self sealing property.
  • Removes porosity.
  • Do not allow iron rods used in construction to get rusted.