Seepage Leakage Control Waterproofing Treatment Mohali, Zirakpur, New Chandigarh, PKLSeepage Control waterproofing

Water seepage in internal walls or conduit pipes in bathroom/kitchen or overhead slabs make room look ugly spoiling room looks. Water seepage has to be addressed at the earliest.

BH waterproofing services takes care of your room walls or other places preventing any form of seepage. Chemical coating, cutting and filling is carried over the room to give radiance to your rooms. Sometimes after accessing the situation, even injection grouting can be done over damaged areas if such needs arise.

Seepage or leakage leads to dampness in the walls leading walls to efflorescence like situation.

Situation assessors at BH waterproofing assess the situation and take remedial actions accordingly.

BH waterproofing consultants are experts in waterproofing all seepage areas