What is balcony waterproofing service?

Balconies Waterproofing Mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, PanchkulaBeautifully constructed balconies add beauty to a building. Balconies are the places to relax albeit being too much tired after full day hard work

Beauty of balcony garden lies in the potted plants. Sometimes while watering these plants, water could get spill over damaging balcony floor tiles.

What are the Causes of balcony Leakage?

Balconies are the first target to rain and sun as these are located outside of a building.  As balconies are located in an open area, temperature fluctuation in balcony due to weather changes could have direct affect on the surface. With ups and downs of temperature, wear and tear happens on balcony tiles due to constant expansion and contraction resulting in broken spaces between tile joints where ants make their underground homes.  These spaces are the housing for water seepage making your structure weak

What effects balcony leakage can have building structure?

Leakage effects in a building can leave signs of anxiety on the face. Any leakage if happening in balcony is likely to damage a building structurally. It can also shatter the pleasing looks of a building. If water has accumulated on balcony floor and has entered the tiles, it can cause rippling in the floor which can be early signs of damage.

Balconies are more exposed to damage due to water. In balconies area face, if water patches and dampness show on surface, it could be embarrassing.

Newly constructed balconies, if leakage is on the surface, your pocket is likely to get exhausted to renovate balcony.  It’s always better to get prepared waterproofing done to save time and money.

We Care & Repair for New and old balconiesBalconies Waterproofing Mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, Panchkula

We care for new balconies. We provide waterproofing service to balcony before tiling to save time and money. If water leakage happens after finishing all work, tiles, marble stone or other floor material has to be removed, but we have solutions for providing in situ waterproofing services after accessing the situation.

We provide service to old and new structures making balconies free from any leakage.

Why BH is the best in balcony waterproofing Services? 

We have developed advanced technological systems to protect your balcony  from the elements of nature. We protect your balcony from leakage due to our best waterproofing treatments and make tiles of your balcony look wonderful giving the tiles a shiny looks with extra grandeur