DPC Waterproofing treatment Mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, PanchkulaDPC (Damp proof course) Waterproofing Treatment

 DPC alias Damp Proof Course is used when new building is being constructing. DPC is applied at the base of the building to prevent moisture from moving into the walls of a building or into the floor.  When chemicals are moved into the foundations, it gives a rigid coating that prevents moisture from casting its effect on the walls or floor.

Chemicals that used by us are of highest quality and free from any contamination. Contamination is generally in the chemicals when during manufacturing of chemicals, any traces of sulphur or chlorides remain. We do our stricter checks on such things.

DPC is applied by very experienced personnel who have vast experience in this field. To apply a coating of DPC, checks of highest level is first made on the building – checks for proper alignment of the foundations. If alignment is found to

DPC Waterproofing treatment Mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, Panchkula

be slightly deviated from its original course, some adjustments can be made while applying DPC.

DPC for you can be done in two ways

  • If foundations are already laid for a building, we at BH waterproofing provide a protective coating of our branded chemicals to stop any movement of moisture through the walls or flooring. Protective coating acts as a shield to give a long life.
  • If foundations are to be laid, we at BH waterproofing mixes branded chemicals in the mixture that is being prepared for laid down of foundations. Chemicals when mixed give adequate strength to the mixture which upon drying makes rock solid foundation. Moisture movement is completely stopped.

If at any stage, waterproofing for any building/house has not been done during construction, we have remedial actions. Injection grouting can be the best remedy for any DPC giving permanent relief from any residue which water has left on the walls (efflorescence).

BH waterproofing experts is the best waterproofing company to take care of new construction.