Crystalline waterproofing  Coatings

Crystalline waterproofing material used for coating is in powder form.  Powder is mixed in sufficient quantity of water to form a paste like slightly thicker material. It is applied to the structure with a brush to form a protective film over the structure. Extra layer of applied coating of paste is rubbed off with a rubbing brush. This action allows the crystals to enter the damaged area completely sealing any water leakage.

This method of waterproofing does not require protection plaster.

Crystalline material when applied over the structure forms a protection. When water gets leaked in the structure, powder particles get activated. Upon activation, it puts a cap over the ruptures or cracks in the structures. . This coating is capable of plugging off cracks up to 0.5 mm capacity.

This method can be applied over the roofs, basements, walls, kitchen, bathrooms or any other RCC prepared surface.