What is bathroom waterproofing service?

Bathroom Waterproofing Mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, PanchkulaBathroom is one of the most used areas of our house.

We often spend much money on the design and upkeep of our bathrooms. Costly plumbing items like taps, sinks, showers etc. are fitted. Bathroom waterproofing service is given to bathroom in case of leakage

What are the causes of bathroom leakage?

Rusting of plumbing lines is the main source of water leakage in bathrooms. This rusting in plumbing lines cause water to show on the walls creating dampness in the walls. Sometimes water may run down the walls.

Dampness/seepage damages the walls causing flaking of wall paints.

We care for new and old bathrooms

If leakage happens in upper level houses, water seeps in the floor of the upper level houses. (Upper floor being common with lower slabs) water shows in the roofs dampness and leakage in the slabs.

Old bathrooms are the mainly targeted by leakages. We provide a coating of chemicals and materials which plugs water release points in the walls. Damp points are curbed there by giving protection to the walls.

New bathrooms are applied a coating of preventive materials.Bathroom Waterproofing Mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, Panchkula

To save the original quality of bathrooms, BH waterproofing specialists (experts in all waterproofing solutions) and equipped with modern tools/equipments give bathrooms necessary waterproofing treatments to control moisture in the walls.

BH provides guaranteed services

Bathrooms waterproofing service is provided by BH by professional methods of waterproofing. We work professionally by plugging all leaking points. We work in all newly constructing bathrooms and old constructed bathrooms with advanced technology.

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