Basement Waterproofing mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, PanchkulaWhat is basement and its importance in a building?

Basement is an important place in a building, a housing society or commercial building as it acts as a parking lot or can house an electrical generator.

Basements are such areas which are below the ground level for any building. They can be either partly or completely below the ground level.

It is constructed with great strength as it has to hold whole load of a multi story building or single story building.

Why basements need waterproofing?

Such areas are more likely exposed to water leakage as it being below the ground level, water flows down the ground due to its property that water always flows from higher level to lower level.

Two different pressures are acting on the basement retaining walls:

Positive side basement waterproofing:

Positive sides of retaining walls of basements are the sides that are on the outer sides of the basements. These sides are often easy target areas for any water leakage.

Any water pressure if acting on the outside of retaining walls is often source of water leakage.

  • Negative side basement waterproofing:

Negative sides of retaining walls of basement are the sides that are in the inner side of the basements.

Water pressure on inner side of the walls only comes into force if water has entered the basements.

What are the effects of water leakage on basements?

If waterproofing is not done on the outside of the walls or if it gets failed, water finds its ways to get seeped in to the walls and basement/ground level causing structure failure.

Another effect of water leakage is that it softens the foundations. It reduces the life of foundations and earth can cave in.

We Care & Repair for New and old basementsBasement Waterproofing mohali, Zirakpur, aerocity, Chandigarh, Panchkula

It is an uphill task to waterproof basements from negative side. BH waterproofing experts have necessary equipment’s and facility to waterproof basements from inner side and outer side.

It’s always easier to waterproof basements from positive side. To save time and money, in new construction, it is advisable to get your basements waterproofed in the initial stage of the construction.

Why BH is the best in basement waterproofing Services

BH can be considered as experts in waterproofing basements as we consider us as  leaders in waterproofing market in this area. We always employ selective techniques for clearing out any water strains after properly studying the extent of damage. We always thrive on quality with work

BH waterproofing specialists make proper waterproof of your basement, construction joints, cracks/holes and wall coatings.  On identifying the water leakage, solutions start from identifying the locations of water leakage, effectively closing all points of water leakage by giving them proper treatment.

Water can enter the foundations of any buildings making it to crumble with time.  To save time and money, waterproofing needs to be done at the earliest to give extra life to your building. Basement waterproofing at BH waterproofing solutions give cost effective waterproofing treatments to your buildings