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Best waterproofing method is used for the terrace of a building

Water proofing is extremely necessary to prevent the water seepage due to rainfall or leakage in water tank from the terrace slab to the structure below. Best waterproofing method is used for the terrace of a building  for construction are –


  • Cementitious Waterproofing
  • Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
  • Bituminous Membrane
  • Bituminous Coating
  • Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

Various methods of water proofing that are most suitable for the terrace are-

Brick Tile Waterproofing Treatment Mohali, Zirakpur, Aerocity, New Chandigarh, PanchkulaPolyurethane Liquid Membrane – Polyurethane is extremely flexible and provides a great sleek membrane to the terrace slab. It is necessary to ensure that there is no moisture present before application of polyurethane.

Bitumen membrane water proofing – This type of waterproofing is most advantageous for low sloped roofing. It is done in two ways – either using self-adhesive compounds or using torch on membrane that is exposed or closed.

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